~Different ways “we” can start reclaiming that hour or so spot that was solely & wholly dedicated to Oprah & Harpo Productions~

  1. Spend time with those little people who look and act A LOT like you … you know… your children. There are a lot of age appropriate places to take the children for a day of enjoyment – the park; children’s museum ( The Please Touch Museum if in the Philly, PA area); the library … find out what is popping in your area and DO IT!
  2. Reconnect with that Wilder beast of yours whom you refer to as your spouse (equal opportunity here !). That hour can be spent engaging in “stimulating” conversations; creating your own spousal book club; starting a brand new hobby together (once my husband and I got stuck in a blizzard that left us house bound for the better part of a week … we wound up re upholstering a couple of chairs that we got from a quaint little second-hand store. They turn out really nice, we even got a couple of offers for the chairs ! So, now we do little projects like that just because. You can decide to get healthy together … take up jogging, inline skating or even scuba diving ( I have Sickle Cell Thalassemia Disease which prevents me from getting into water colder that bath water, so I live vicariously thru “The
    Hubby”& “Kids” when it comes to this and other like activities). “The Hubby” took up a boating and water safety class (another vicarious class for me) and it was really fun and interesting. Look, do something … ANYTHING before it’s too late and you wind up with regrets instead of memories. Use your imagination. Oh, how about taking couples massage ? See, the ideas are just flowing … they are ENDLESS!!!
  3. Go out with the girls. You don’t have to eat all the time. This is another great way to do a group hobby such as jogging, art class, Pilates class, cooking class (The
    Hubby-yes, him again! He is my BFF – anyways he and I have done Bonsai and even Cupcake Decorating classes together. Or, go on some sort of Gayle/Oprah-Thelma & Louise adventure. Just remember you have one hour to get it done … so go for it!!!
  4. DO YOU!!! Yes, I said “do you”and what I mean by this is simply this … We women for the past 25plus years have been united around Boob tube for our hour of fun, laughs and edutainment(education intended, but entertainment never-the-less). This is OUR TIME for growth and our time to be selfish. Take this hour and use it wisely, or you know what … be silly with it/have fun !!! Do you, do what you feel like doing in this Golden Hour. I think it is very possible for us to take just one itty-bitty hour out of our GOD given twenty-four and claim it as ours and no one elses. We always put everyone and everything else before us and we find ourselves on the bottom of our very own To-Do-List. See, I even put us at number four … lol! Keep praying for me … Hey you could even start a prayer power hour!!! You could really spend that time reading and/or studying the BIBLE, books etc.

LOOK, MY BOTTOM LINE TO YOU IS TO BE TRUE TO YOURSELF AND TO DO YOU! JUST DO YOU … AND let me know your plans and how you are executing them.

Until next time beloved …


About Bliss

"I am a lover of life and all that is unique and splendid" I am blessed to be a wife (13 years and counting), a mother of a 'tween, child of GOD, student-of-life, daughter, sister-girlfriend, writer, traveler, entrepreneur, certified life coach, and now blogger.
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