Abettor Concierge Blog was created to fill a personal need at first. It was during a 2 1/2  week stint of me having to lay flat on my back to begin the healing of my broken coccyx (tail bone) along with a fractured pelvis that the thought of Abettor Concierge or ABC began to form. The story explaining how I got so banged up will come at a later time. Moving on …

So while I was being bored senseless and unable to go past a 45 degree angle I decide to challenge myself to learn something … ANYTHING cool, new, and/or worthwhile everyday. Thus “The Raging Infomaniac” is born. This is a moniker that a dear friend gave me because I have stacks of notebooks with ALL kinds of information in them. GOD forbid that I am learning something new and don’t have one of my trusty notebooks handy … I have been known to write on anything so as not to forget. Hands, tissue/toilet paper, faces are all fair game.

I just want to provide an active, informative forum with light-hearted commentary that will be of benefit to someone … someday.

Blessings …


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